3 Easy Exercises For Controlling Diabetes

Diabetes, also known as Diabetes Mellitus is often called the source of disorders. Though diabetes in itself is a disorder it always attracts other disorders too. You would never meet a diabetic patient suffering only from diabetes, the patient always suffers from other disorders like Erectile Dysfunction, High blood pressure, Hypertension, and Obesity along with diabetes. This is the reason people are terrified of diabetes because people get troubled with more than one disorder at the same time. In this article, we shall focus on the top 3 exercises that can control diabetes.

Currently, due to distorted and mismanaged lifestyles, the cases of diabetes are rising every year. Diabetes is one such disorder that cannot be cured completely, hence it is also called a chronic disorder. But this does not mean that we cannot go back to normal and carry out daily activities. There are engineers, scientists, and people from all walks of life suffering from diabetes but at the same time becoming successful in their respective fields.

It is just that we need to get adjusted to the new normal with diabetes as one of our daily life components. But we cannot allow diabetes to grow more severe and cause harmful side effects. Side effects cause patients to consume Cialis, Vigora, and  Kamagra 100.

Through medication, exercise, and restrictions on diet, we can control the sugar level by keeping to levels that do not pose a threat to daily life functions. But again, remember that till now medical science has not found the solution to cure diabetes permanently. So, do not get fooled by fake websites offering cures for diabetes. In this article, we shall focus on the top 3 exercises that can control diabetes.

First getting to know about diabetes

To get a better understanding of the solutions to a disorder, first, we must understand the disorder in depth. Diabetes is a medical condition in which the sugar level in the blood exceeds the normal levels. This is mainly due to the deficiency of a hormone called insulin. Insulin is secreted by the pancreas to store the excess glucose as glycogen. But when the levels of insulin drop, less glucose is converted to glycogen. The remaining glucose thus acts like sugar and increases the sugar level in the blood causing diabetes mellitus.

For controlling diabetes, the most common solution is the manual injection of external insulin. The person has to periodically take insulin shots one or two days a week. As earlier said, diabetes exercises cannot be fully eradicated therefore the person needs to take insulin shots periodically for a lifetime. So, in the new normal of life, taking insulin shots gets added to the weekly timetable. Besides taking insulin shots, the diet has to be regulated with foods containing excess sugar to be eliminated. Thus, diabetic patients are asked not to consume confectionaries, sweets, and cold drinks. Green leafy vegetables, fruits, grains, cereals, and seafood become the major ingredients of such people. Controlling diabetes by exercise

Earlier we discussed how insulin shots help in overcoming the deficiency of insulin for a while. But there are other ways too which can provide overwhelming results, such as doing exercise. Doing regular exercise without putting too much stress can facilitate the reduction of sugar levels in the body. The top 3 exercises that can be beneficial for controlling diabetes are:


Usually, when people are asked to exercises, they give several excuses for pain, weak bones, muscle cramps, and old age. But there is one exercise that anyone irrespective of age and disorder can do i.e., walking. Only a morning walk for 1 hour during the early hours can help in burning calories and get rid of breathing problems due to inhaling fresh air. In cities, inhaling fresh air has become a luxury that you can only experience during the morning just after sunrise.

If you are young, you can increase your speed to strengthen your pelvic muscles and the torso. But if you are old, let the walking speed be normal. If you are doing it after a long time, do it slowly, after doing it for a few weeks and months you can increase the speed. Walking burns a lot of calories per day which results in lowering sugar levels in the blood because more glucose is required by the muscles.  


In Ayurveda, the ancient textbook of medicine yoga has been explained as the solution for multiple disorders. Its application is more than just twisting your body in and around. Yoga acts as the reset button for all the damage you have caused to your body and mind. Regularly doing yoga for only 30 minutes a day can cause remarkable changes in your body. Yoga reduces stress levels, normalizes blood pressure, and decreases activity in the brain. This ensures calmness in the mind resulting in higher concentration and thinking capability. In diabetes too exercises has been found to help reduce the sugar level in the blood.

Yoga keeps the blood circulating uniformly to all parts of the body, the basic metabolism rate is enhanced because more energy is consumed by the tissues and cells in the form of glucose from the blood. Hence, when a sufficient amount of glucose from the blood is used, the sugar levels are bound to correct.


This exercise again has many precautions for old people. Swimming involves strenuous use of muscles and breathing power. This can put more stress on the heartbeat which can cause heart problems for aged people. Thus, if you want to swim go floating, or simply swimming. Swimming burns more calories than walking and yoga combined. It involves extensive use of muscles all over the body. Thus, the energy is supplied to the muscles as glucose from the blood. Hence, the sugar level in the blood comes back to normal. This is the reason doctors advise patients to involve themselves in any physical activity of their choice. When the calories are burned and glucose is use the body functions without any problem.


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