A Ret 0.05% Gel


A Ret 0.05% Gel medicine is for external use only. Use it in the dose and duration as advised by your doctor.

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A Ret 0.05% Gel

Tretinoin A Ret 0.05% Gel, the active ingredient in A Ret 0.05% Gel, is used to treat acne, fine wrinkles, and other skin disorders. Tretinoin is a topical skin product that has been approved by the FDA. A Ret Gel boosts the skin’s cell turnover rate and unclogs congested pores.

Ret Tretinoin Gel is also used to improve the appearance and colour of the skin, as well as to reduce the indications of ageing and roughness.

What Is A Ret 0.05% Gel ?

Vitamin A in the form of A Ret 0.05% Gel is a kind of vitamin A. It’s used to treat acne, a common skin condition that occurs when your pores become clogged, resulting in blackheads, whiteheads, or pimples. It also helps to minimise wrinkles on the face. It works by lowering acne-prone skin’s oil production and restoring it.

How A Ret Gel 0.05% Works ?

A Ret Gel Vitamin A gel is a kind of vitamin A. It lowers oil production in the skin, replenishes acne-prone skin, and keeps pores open when applied to the skin.

How To Use  A Ret Gel 0.05% ?

This drug must only be recycled on the outside of the body. Use it as directed by your doctor in terms of dosage and duration. Read the instructions on the label already using. After cleansing and drying the affected region, apply the gel. After application, wash your hands unless the affected area is your hands.

When should you not use it?


If you’re allergic to A Ret Gel, don’t use it. If you observe any symptoms such as a skin rash, itching/swelling (particularly on your face/tongue/throat), extreme dizziness, difficulty breathing, etc., seek medical help right away.


Dose Missed

As soon as you recall, apply the missed dose of A Ret Gel. If your next dose is impending, skip the omitted dose. To make up for a omitted dose, do not relate a dual dose.


An overdose of A Ret 0.05%Gel is unlikely to result in serious side effects. Ingestion of this drug, on the other hand, may origin injury and demand rapid health attention.

Use Of A Ret Gel 0.05%

In Treatment of Acne

A Ret 0.05% Vitamin A gel is a kind of vitamin A. It aids in the treatment of acne by cleaning skin pores and avoiding the appearance of spots or pimples. It takes many weeks for a noticeable effect to develop, so maintain using it even if it doesn’t seem to be working. Acne can sometimes get worse before it gets better, but with correct behavior, your skin will clear up. Scars are less likely to look if you begin intense it early. As your skin clears up, this medicine will help you feel better and boost your assurance. If you require eczema or burnt skin, you must avoid using it.

Negative effects

A Ret’s Gel has both major and small adverse effects.

  • Inflammation of the skin
  • The sensation of your skin burning
  • Skin rosiness
  • The peeling of the skin
  • Skin photosensitivity


Keep at room temperature (15-25°C) until ready to use.

Keep out of children’s reach.



A Ret 0.05% Using gel during pregnancy could be dangerous. Animal inquiry have established negative effects on the increasing foetus, despite the lack of human revisions. Before suggesting it to you, your doctor will reflect the advantages as well as any probable hazards. Please seek health advice.

Breast feeding

A Ret 0.05%Gel is likely to be safe to use while breastfeeding. Based on imperfect human data, the treatment appears to pose no main harm to the foetus.


 1. Is A-Ret 0.05% Gel safe to use?

Yes, when taken as directed by your doctor, A-Ret Gel is safe to use. However, this medicine, like all medicines, has some negative effects, however these side effects are not necessarily experienced by everyone who takes these medicines. If you have any negative side effects while taking this medication, please contact your doctor.

 2. How long should I apply A-Ret Gel?

Depending on the severity of your disease and the results of your lab tests, your doctor will determine the length of your treatment. Treatment with A-Ret Gel typically takes 4-5 months.

 3. A-Ret 0.05% Gel is what I’m using. What should I do if I’m thinking about getting pregnant?

If you plan to become pregnant while using A-Ret 0.05%Gel, you should talk to your doctor first. Pregnancy is not recommended since this medicine can harm your unborn child. However, if you become pregnant while using A-Ret 0.05% Gel, speak with your doctor.


Equivalent Brand

Retin A Gel

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Tretinoin Gel USP




Tretinoin (0.05% w/w)


Menarini India Pvt Ltd (India)


20 gm in 1 tube

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