Acivir Cream (Acyclovir)


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What is Acivir Cream?

Acivir Cream has been prescribed medication to treat cold sores, especially fever blisters or other issues in adults. The medication is safe to use on the neck, face, and lips. It is an antiviral medication commonly termed synthetic nucleoside analogs.

Acivir cream works best for the treatment of herpes in and around the urethra. It can be the infection that can result in sores present up to the rectum. It is important that the cream is applied at the first outbreak or when you notice the first symptoms. Although it won’t cure the issue, it will surely help minimize the spread of the virus.

Acivir cream has been a trusted option for the treatment of cold sores that generally happen due to fever. Besides, it is also prescribed for treating genital herpes.

But remember, the spread will differ from one person to another, irrespective of the time of application of the ointment. Besides, before you buy Acivir cream, it will be helpful if you consult a medical professional about its use of the same. This will help you avoid any serious complications.

How to Use Acivir Cream?

Acivir cream works best for treating fever blisters or cold sores. It can easily speed up the healing process and reduce symptoms, including burning, pain, and tingling. Acivir cream is an antiviral that works by stopping the virus growth. The medication, although it is not a permanent herpes cure, will surely prevent the spread of the infection to someone else. Also, it can help prevent any future reoccurrence.

You need to use the cream for at least 4 days at 3 hours apart. Mostly it will come to 6 times a day. Make sure it is used only in the affected areas. It can be applied anytime there is an outbreak, but the best will be to use it when the outbreak starts. The early application ensures limited spread.

It will be helpful if you consult a doctor about the use of the same. This is especially important when despite the right usage of the medicine, you do not see any improvement. It is necessary to keep track of how you have been applying for the medicines in the affected area.

In case you are worry about anything, you need to confirm consulting a doctor before starting the course. This will help you with the right tips that are to be utilized. Besides, if you are using any other medicines confirming with your physicist about the uses will be helpful to avoid facing any complications.

How Does Acivir Cream Work?

The application of the cream has been quite helpful for people to prevent any further virus spread. It must be apply frequently only to the affected areas. As herpes can spread fast, taking proper precautions is extremely important.

The medication works by converting the active component of the medication into acyclovir monophosphate. So, using it on time is the key to avoiding any future concerns.


The benefits of using Acivir cream are many, but there are certain precautions you need to keep in mind when using the same to avoid any severe complications. You must not use it when.

•  You are allergic to acyclovir or any other component of the ointment.

•  You are using any other prescribed medicine or herbal product. In such cases, the doctor will advise other options or try to mitigate the side effects of the medications.

•  You suffer from immunity-affecting conditions, like AIDS.

•  You are pregnant. Even when breastfeeding avoiding the use of medicine will be helpful.

There isn’t any specific case when you cannot make use of the ointment for local applications. However, consulting the doctor before starting the use will be helpful to eliminate any side effects.

Once you know it all, you can search for Acivir cream for sale to find a trusted platform to get fast delivery. 


Q. Where can I use the cream?

A. You can make use of Acivir cream for the treatment of genital herpes. However, you need to take proper caution for cold sores that have been form or can form in the future. Remember to apply the cream only to that specific area.

Q. When should I consult a doctor?

A. Consulting a doctor before starting the use of the medicine is extremely important to avoid any serious complications. Besides, if you notice that you are having issues with the use of the same, then consulting the doctor on time will help eradicate the concern.


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