Acivir Cream (Acyclovir)


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Acivir Cream

Acivir Cream is an antiviral cream used to treat herpes simplex virus-related cold sores. Cold sores are painful blisters that appear around the lips or other parts of the face. This medication inhibits the virus’s proliferation and aids in the healing of cold sore blisters.

What Is Acivir Cream ?

Acivir Cream must only be useful to the skin. Use it allowing to your doctor’s guidelines for quantity and period. Before consuming the ointment, make sure the unnatural section is clean and dry. Before and after using this medicine, carefully wash your hands. To duck spreading the infection, avoid moving the sores by your hands or a towel.

How To Use Acivir Cream ?

This drug must only be used on the external of the body. Use it allowing to your doctor’s advices for dose and duration. Before with, read the instructions on the label. Apply the cream after cleaning and drying the afflicted area. Unless your hands are the expensive region, wash your hands after applying.

How Acivir Cream Works ?

Acyclovir Cream is an antiviral cream that delights herpes simplex virus-related skin poisons. It works by impeding the virus from growing in the skin cells. This avoids the virus from increasing and clears your skin sickness.


Dose Missed

As soon as you remember, apply the Acivir Cream missed dose. If your next dose is impending, skip the omitted dose. To make up for a omitted dose, do not remove a dual dose.


Unless used in significant quantities for a long time, an overdose of it is unlikely to induce severe symptoms. Ingestion of this drug, on the other hand, may cause injury and necessitate rapid medical attention.

Use Of Acivir Cream

In the case of Herpes labialis,

Cold sores, or herpes labialis, is a viral condition that mostly affects the lips. Burning pain is the most common sign, tailed by tiny blisters or boils. Acyclovir Cream can help herpes labialis heal faster and prevent recurrence of the blisters. To receive the most benefit from this treatment, follow the doctor’s instructions.

Negative effects

Acyclovir Cream has both major and minor adverse effects.

  • The application site is swollen and red.
  • Irritation, burning, and irritating of the skin
  • Rash on the Skin

When should you not use it?


If you are allergic to it, don’t use it. If you detect any symptoms such as a skin rash, itching/swelling, exciting shakiness, difficulty breathing, etc., seek health aid right once.



The use of Acivir Cream during pregnancy is usually regarded as safe. Animal research have established that there are tiny or no negative effects on the increasing foetus; however, social trainings are thin.


This Cream is most likely safe to use during nursing. Based on imperfect social data, the medication appears to pose no chief injury to the foetus.


 1. If I forget to take Acivir Cream, what should I do?

Don’t worry if you forget to use Acyclovir Cream; just use it again as soon as you remember. Please visit your doctor if you are unsure or have any other concerns.

 2. Is Acivir Cream a safe product?

This Cream is safe when used according to your doctor’s instructions for dosage and duration. Follow the directions properly and don’t miss any doses. Follow your doctor’s directions to the letter, and advise him or this woman if any of the adversarial properties annoy you.

 3. Is Acivir Cream an effective treatment?

This Cream is effective when used according to your doctor’s instructions for dosage and duration. Even if you notice an perfection in your situation, do not stop attractive it. The symptoms may recur or worsen if you stop using it too soon.

 4. What is the best way to apply Acivir Cream?

Clean and dry the afflicted area before applying Acivir Cream. Massage it into the skin lightly and systematically. Make certain the drug doesn’t get into your eyes or mouth. If Acyclovir Cream gets into your eyes by accident, rinse thoroughly with water and seek medical attention if your eyes become irritated.

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