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Antiviral medicines are many in this world. Yet, if there is any medicine to cure more than one viral infection, it is Influenza Antiflu 75 mg capsule. Pulmonologists, ENT specialists, and general physicians across the globe prescribe this medicine to cure viral infections in humans. Today, it is the best medicine to treat Influenza and infections caused by to H1N1 virus.

What is Antiflu 75 mg capsule?

oseltamivir is an antiviral medicine in allopaths. Its legal status is prescription only when you buy Antiflu 75 mg from retail druggists and pharmacies. It comes under neuraminidase inhibitor and drug class of Gamma amino acids derivatives. Its route of administration is oral as it is a capsule. One strip of oseltamivir has 10 capsules. The World Health Organization has approved this drug in the list of essential medicines.

How to use Antiflu 75 mg capsule?

Doctors across the globe use Antiflu 75 mg to curb and treat Influenza and swine flu in Humans. It is used to curb such infections when a region’s flu season prevails. Thus, a precaution is taken by giving oseltamivir to patients who show mild signs and symptoms of flu fever. Oseltamivir medicine symptoms like runny nose, sore throat, and feeling chill.

How does work Antiflu 75 mg capsule?

oseltamivir has an active ingredient such as Azithromycin. It acts as Acetamido Cyclohexene to prevent the spread of Type A & B of the flu virus. Thus, it will not allow any weak or dying blood cells to come under viral infection and spread the virus to other parts of the body. Each oseltamivir capsule has Azithromycin 75 mg in strength. Thus, a patient consuming a course will kill the virus completely such that a patient will not get the same infection later.    

Buy Antiflu 75 mg capsule in the US and UK.

Antiflu 75 mg USA is under the list of FDA’s essential medicines. Antiflu 75 mg for sale is in the retail healthcare and online medicinal market. Patients can buy Antiflu online in the United States and the United Kingdom 24/7, 365 days a year. The online channels give free home delivery in the US and UK.


Antiflu 75 mg doses and intervals to consume by a patient are determine by a doctor only. They check blood tests for Type A or B viral infection, present viral infection conditions, and the body height and weight of a patient before prescribing Antiflu to cure one or more viral infections. A doctor prescribes a lesser dose of oseltamivir to children and teenagers. Patients are advised to complete the full course of Antiflu 75 mg medication even if they get well soon from flu fever. Adult patients will be given higher doses if they come to treat flu infections when it is in the severe stage. Doses of oseltamivir are determined after blood tests and current symptoms and signs of Influenza or Swine flu in a patient by their doctor.

Side Effects

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Stomach pain
  • Diarrhea


A patient taking Antiflu 75 mg must take this antiviral medicine as directed by their doctors. Violation of such directions will cause side effects, or you will take a longer time to get cured by this medication. Your doctor will tell you to stop lifestyle habits like smoking cigarettes, consuming alcohol, and eating fast foods while on medication with Antiflu 75 mg. Taking this medicine after food is too an hour later is recommended for children and adults. Pregnant women in any trimester and lactating mothers must be inform of these things while in consultation with a doctor. A patient who is already taking medicines for lung and kidney diseases must inform their doctor prior such that they can prescribe a lower dose of Antiflu capsules.   


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