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The antibiotic Azee 500 mg is used to treat infections caused by a variety of bacteria. It offers the benefit of only needing to take it once a day. Because this prescription is only effective against infections produced by bacteria, it is not suggested for use in cases of the common cold, flu, or other viral diseases.

What is Azee 500 mg Tablet?

Azee 500mg  is a Macrolide Antibiotic that can be used to treat a variety of bacterial diseases such as middle ear infections and traveler’s diarrhoea. Malaria is occasionally treated with it in combination with other drugs. It’s also used to treat gonorrhoea and chlamydia, as well as a variety of intestinal illnesses and sexually transmitted infections. The medication is taken by mouth or intravenously, with doses administered once a day.

Benefits of Azee 500 mg tablet

Azee 500 Tablet is an antibiotic medication that can be used to treat a variety of bacterial illnesses. Infections affecting the blood, brain, lungs, bones, joints, urinary tract, stomach, and intestines are among the most common. It’s also effective in the treatment of sexually transmitted illnesses. It stops the infection-causing germs from growing and clears the infection. Take it for as long as your doctor says and don’t miss any doses. This will ensure that all germs are eliminated and that resistance does not develop.

How to use Azee 500mg tablet?

Follow your doctor’s instructions on the dosage and duration of this medication. Take it all in at once. It should not be chewed, crushed, or broken. Azee 500mg Tablet can be taken with or without food, however it’s best if you take it at the same time every day.

How Azee 500mg tablet works?

Antibiotic Azee 500mg price is a tablet that contains 500mg of Azee. It operates by inhibiting the creation of critical proteins that bacteria need to perform their functions. As a result, the bacteria are unable to thrive, and the infection is prevented from spreading.

What if you forget to take Azee 500mg tablet?

Take Azee 500mg price as soon as possible if you miss a dose. However, if your next dose is approaching, skip the missing dose and return to your regular schedule. Do not take two doses.

Side effects of Azee 500mg tablet

  • Vomiting
  • Abdominal pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea


Missed Dose

Make sure you don’t miss a dose of Azee 500mg review. As soon as you recall, take the missed dose. If your next dose is approaching, skip the missing dose. To make up for a missing dose, do not double the dose.


Azee 500 MG Tablet should not be taken in excess of the recommended dose. In the event of an overdose of Azee 500 MG Tablet, seek immediate medical attention.


Azee 500 MG Tablet can be taken with or without food. The tablet should not be broken, chewed, or crushed. Never exceed the recommended dosage. For best effects, take this drug at the same time every day. Even if their ailment looks to be the same as yours, do not distribute your medicine to others. To avoid re-infection, finish the therapy course. In such circumstances, treating infections may be more challenging as germs develop the ability to resist drugs. If you do not feel better after finishing the course of treatment, see your doctor.


1.Is it safe to take Azee 500 Tablet?

If taken as directed by your doctor, Azee 500 Tablet is safe when taken in the recommend doses for the recommended time.

2.What happens if I don’t improve?

If your symptoms do not improve after three days of taking Azee 500 Tablet, you should see your doctor. Also, if your symptoms worsen, contact your doctor right once.

3.Is it possible that taking Azee 500 Tablet will cause diarrhoea?

Yes, using Azee 500 Tablet can result in diarrhoea. It’s an antibiotic that kills bacteria that are hazardous to humans. However, it causes diarrhoea by affecting the beneficial bacteria in your stomach or intestine. Consult your doctor if you are suffering from severe diarrhoea.

4.Can I take Azee 500 Tablet at night?

This tablet is typically take once a day. It can be take at any time of day, but it should be take at the same time every day. The medication should be given one hour before meals or two hours after meals. The tablet preparation can be taken with or without food. However, you must take Azee 500 Tablet exactly as directed by your doctor, and if you have any questions, you should consult your doctor.

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Azithromycin (500mg)


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