Azeetop 500mg (Azithromycin 500mg)


Azeetop 500mg Tablet is utilized in the treatment of bacterial contaminations. It is utilized in bacterial diseases of tonsils, sinus, ear, nose, throat, skin and delicate tissues, and lungs (pneumonia).

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What is Azeetop 500mg?

Azeetop 500mg is useful for treating problems of bacterial infections related to the respiratory tract, nose, throat, skin, lungs, and ears in children and adults. This medicine is also useful for diseases like gonorrhea which is related to sexually transmitted diseases and typhoid fever. Take the full course of this medicine because stopping taking it too early may worsen your health situation.

How does Aeetop 500mg work?

Buy Azeetop 500mg is an antibiotic. It prevents the synthesis of protein which is required by bacteria for carrying out their vital function. It paralyzes the bacteria and helps them to kill to recover the person quickly. Hence it helps prevent from growing and spreading the body. For its effective result, it’s necessary to take this medicine as per the doctor’s consultant.

How to use Azeetop 500mg?

This medicine can be used for treating problems related to bacterial infection that takes place in the respiratory tract, eyes, throat, eye skin, and nose and helps in the prevention of further multiplication of bacteria in your body. The most important use of this medicine is that it helps in curing a patient of typhoid fever and gonorrhea.

Dosage of Azeetop 500 mg

This medicine comes in the form of a tablet. The dose of Azeetop 500 mg is suggested by the doctor.


If the patient has taken an overdose of Azeetop 500 mg Pills, he may face some health-related issues in their body because they may feel certain side effects like sinus infection, Diarrhea, Vomiting, back pain, infection in the respiratory tract, and many more. In case of an overdose, stop taking this medicine when you feel any of the side effects in your body. Before restarting your schedule once take a solution from the doctor. He will understand your health issue and prescribe you further medicine accordingly.

Missed dose 

If Azeetop 500 mg Tablets are very important for preventing the risk of a heart attack one should not miss there are doses. In some cases when for some reason, they forget to take the medicine they need to go to the doctor and consult them about the there missed dose. Your doctor will adjust your dose and help you to recover from defects caused in your body because of the Missed dose. Avoiding the dose of this medicine is very risky so don’t avoid it and eat your dose regularly.

Side effects

The patient suffers from some side effects from consuming Azeetop 500 mg. Side effects may not be dangerous and you can overcome them quickly. In case of major issues, you need to contact your doctor otherwise when your body accepts the medicine the side effect reduces automatically. Some of the side effects shown in the person include

  • sinus infection,
  • Diarrhea,
  • back pain,
  • infection in the upper respiratory and many more.

Contact your doctor when you feel uneasy by taking Azeetop 500 mg.


Alcohol– avoid taking alcohol when you are using this medicine because it may adversely affect your body. Whenever a doctor prescribes this medicine inform them about the consumption habit of alcohol.

Pregnancy– the consumption of  Azeetop 500 mg pregnancy is unsafe to eat. Much research shows it affects the growth of unborn babies. However, some doctors prescribe rarely this medicine in a life-threatening situation. The benefit of taking this medicine is more than the risk associated with it. Please consult the doctor before taking it.

Breastfeeding– Azeetop  500 mg medicine is safe to consume in a breastfeeding situation. Some human data shows that this medicine does not cause harmful risks for the baby. But before conception, it is advisable to consult with your doctor.

Driving– by consuming Azeetop 500 mg your alertness towards driving decreases because you may feel dizzy and sleepy. Avoid driving when you face the symptoms of dizziness and sleep.

Kidney– Azeetop 500 mg is recommended to be taken with caution for the patient suffering from kidney disease. In the case of kidney disease, if you are taking this medicine it’s become essential to check regularly the blood pressure, potassium levels, and creatinine.

Liver– this medicine is not recommended for patients suffering from liver issues. However, instead of that, you can take this medicine with caution. Contact your doctor and after that only take this medicine.

Allergens– if you have allergy issues from the ingredients present in Azeetop 1000 inform your doctor. Don’t consume it before getting a consultant from a doctor. Doing so may show many side effects which further need medical treatment support.


What happens if you take too much Azeetop 500 mg tablet?

Taking too much Azeetop 500 mg infects your body negatively. Your body may feel uneasy and you will feel effects like diarrhea, body pain, sinus problems, and many more. Take this medicine only at the dose given by your doctor. Don’t take the dose unnecessarily as it may going to create health issues for you. So take it properly and as per schedule.

What are the common drug interactions?

Taking Buy Azeetop 500 mg Online with others may cause some side effects or help you to recover quickly.

Drug interaction- Azitus 500 tablet, trulimax 500mg, Azicon 500mg, Trulimax 500mg tablet.

Before this medicine, you need to inform your doctor about the medicine you are presently taking. This will help them to decide the dose of Azeetop 500 mg along with others.


Equivalent Brand


Generic Name

Azithromycin 500mg


Bacterial infections


Azithromycin (500mg)


Healing Pharma, India


3 Tablets in strip

Pharmaceutical Form



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