Brevoxyl (Benzoyl Peroxide)


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Brevoxyl Cream

Brevoxyl Cream is an antiseptic that can be used on the face, back, and chest to treat acne (pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads). It works by avoiding bacteria from increasing on your skin. Brevoxyl Cream relieves uncomfortable lumps and clears your skin of debris and excess oil.

Dry skin, redness of the skin, itching, skin peeling, and a burning feeling at the application site are all side effects of Brevoxyl Cream. If you’ve ever been allergic to Brevoxyl Cream, don’t use it. If you experience any side effects, contact your doctor right once.

Brevoxyl Cream should only be used as directed by your doctor. Brevoxyl Cream should not be used by children under the age of 12. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, talk to your doctor before using Brevoxyl Cream.

What Is Brevoxyl Cream ?

Brevoxyl Cream is an antibacterial cream that aids in the treatment of acne. Acne advances on your face, chest, or back as patches or pimples. This medication works by destroying the germs that cause acne.

Brevoxyl Cream can be used on its own or in combination with other acne treatments. It must be used allowing to your doctor’s instructions. To get the most out of this drug, follow the instructions in the invention leaflet. Before applying medication, make sure the affected region is clean and dry. It’s often occupied once or twice per day. It must not be used to damaged or broken skin, and it must be kept away from your lips, eyes, and nose. It may take several weeks for your signs to improve; nonetheless, you must continue to use it as focused.

How Brevoxyl Cream Works ?

Brevoxyl Cream is a natural substance. It has a keratolytic effect, which incomes it evens out irregular skin. It releases oxygen, which finishes germs when applied to acne. This is how your acne will be preserved.

How To Use Brevoxyl Cream?

This drug must only be used on the outside of the body. Use it according to your doctor’s directions for dosage and duration. Before by, read the directions on the label. Apply the cream after cleaning and drying the distressed area. Unless your hands are the precious region, wash your hands after relating.

Negative effects

Brevoxyl Cream has both major and minor adverse effects.

  • Inflammation of the skin
  • Rashes on the skin
  • At the application site, there is a burning feeling.
  • Face swells up
  • Skin rosiness
  • Skin that is itchy and dry

Use Of Brevoxyl Cream

In Treatment of Acne

Brevoxyl Cream is an antimicrobial cream that is used to treat acne, often known as pimples. It ends the bacteria that origins acne and obstructs the appearance of patches or pimples. It generally takes a few weeks for the impact to converted evident, so maintain using it even if it doesn’t seem to be occupied. Acne can occasionally get worse before it gets better, but with correct behavior, your skin will clear up. Scars are less likely to perform if you begin by it early. As your skin clears up, this medicine will help you feel better and boost your assurance. If you have eczema or burnt skin, you must avoid by it.

When should you not use it?


If you’re allergic to Brevoxyl 4% Cream, don’t use it. If you detect any allergic symptoms, such as a skin rash, hives (itchy, stinging eruptions), redness of the skin, or swelling of the face, lips, or tongue, seek medical help right once.


Dose Missed

If you forget to use Benzoyl Peroxide Cream on a regular basis, do so as soon as you remember.


This Cream overdose can result in an uncommon but serious allergic reaction, such as severe skin irritation or redness. In such circumstances, see your doctor right away.


  • Keep out of children’s reach.
  • Keep at room temperature (15-25oC) until prepared to use.
  • After the finishing date, do not use this treatment.



It’s possible that using Brevoxyl Cream while pregnant is risky. Animal inquiry has demonstrated negative effects on the mounting foetus, despite the lack of human studies. Before advocating it to you, your medic will consider the rewards as well as any probable hazards. Please seek remedial advice.


It is most likely safe to take it Cream while breastfeeding. Based on imperfect human data, the treatment appears to pose no main harm to the foetus.


 1. How should Brevoxyl Cream be applied?

All of your make-up should be remove. Hands and the distress region must be wash and dried gently. Using your fingertips, apply a thin coating of Brevoxyl Cream cream to the afflicted skin. Not just all spot, but the entire acne-affect area must be treat. After applying, correctly wash your hands with water.

 2. Is it safe to leave Brevoxyl Cream on overnight?

Brevoxyl Cream is normally take once a day in the evening at the start of the treatment. Because it Cream does not need to be rinse off after application, it can be keep on overnight until irritation occurs. If you progress irritation, though, see your doctor.

 3. What would cause me to stop using Brevoxyl Cream?

If you suffer severe local irritation, such as extreme redness, dryness, itching, or a stinging/burning sensation, you should stop using Brevoxyl Cream and visit your doctor.

Equivalent Brand


Generic Name

Benzoyl Peroxide


Acne, Pimple


Benzoyl Peroxide 4%


Glaxo SmithKline Pharmaceuticals Ltd


50 gm in 1 tube

Pharmaceutical Form

Creamy Wash


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