Silverex Ionic Gel (Silver Nitrate)


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What is Silverex Ionic Gel?

Silverex Ionic Gel is also one of the best-quality antiseptics creams that helps eliminate all types of skin damage more deeply and provides a smooth skin area on such particular infected parts of the skin.

Cuts and burns can happen accidentally, or due to many reasons, this can happen, but at the same time, this gel can help immediately.

Silver Nitrate is an active ingredient of such antiseptic medicines that can heal that particular externally infected part of the skin. Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd is one of the best-known manufacturers of the medicines of Silverex.

It is the fastest wound-healing process that improves your skin conditions. With this gel, whatever severe cuts or even burns occur due to infections can be eradicated quickly.

Get this gel today to ensure no signs of any scratch or incise on your skin. With the fast remedial process, this ointment has gained great fame worldwide.

How to use Silverex Ionic Gel?

Using Silverex Ionic Gel can help in giving fast and quick relief from all types of lesions on your external skin. It helps provide the speediest treatment of certain cuts and wounds easily.

Abrasion and scuffs are all outer wounds of the skin that can be healed fast and quickly without any interference. There will be no marks of skin injuries and scratches just because of applying this gel on that affected skin area. Choose this skin gel rapidly to restore healthy skin and eliminate such outer skin injuries.

How does Silverex Ionic Gel work?

Silverex Ionic Gel online comes with an active element called silver nitrate. Silver nitrate has antimicrobial and antiseptic properties, and it works by producing certain levels of silver ions inside your skin that prevent the expansion of microorganisms. This way, it helps in destroying the microorganisms on the skin and stops the spread of infection.

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Keep Silverex Ionic Gel in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Don’t let touch it by children or keep it. Reach out to kids and pets. Do not freeze medicines. Just place a normal area.


Silverex Ionic Gel is easy to use; you must apply it on the external infected part of the skin. Use it two to three times to heal your wounds immediately.

Take its gel and just put it on the affected skin area, like cuts and incise on the skin. Let it be for a few hours, and then wash that area. Use it as the recommended dosage without applying too many in a day. Don’t forget to apply it every day.

Side Effects

The certain Silverex Ionic Gel Side Effects are:

  • Skin rash
  • Staining of skin
  • Burning sensation at the application site
  • Itching of skin


  • Don’t use Silverex Ionic Gel on any other uninfected part of the skin.
  • Please do not use it with different combinations of gels.
  • Use as it is prescribed for days.
  • Do not purchase it for other uses on skins apart from cut and wound parts.
  • Don’t wash it immediately after using it instantly.
  • Ensure you only use it for cuts and wound purposes on the skin.
  • Don’t let children use it; consult a doctor before using it on children’s skin.
  • Clean your hands using this gel, and then wash your hands properly.

Why purchase from Medsvilla?

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Q. Can Silverex Ionic Gel irritate skin?

A. Sometimes, using Silverex Ionic Gel irritates the skin, and if such irritation of skin infection persists or even deteriorates, contact your doctor immediately.

Q. Can Silverex Ionic Gel cause clothes staining?

A. Yes, Silverex Ionic Gel causes staining of clothes as it consists of silver nitrate, which may cause cloth staining, so, better to avoid this gel from the fabric of clothes.

Q. How long should I use Silverex Ionic Gel?

A. You should use Silverex Ionic Gel as long as a doctor recommends it and it is prescribed for at least one week.


Equivalent Brand


Generic Name

Silver Nitrate


Burn and wound infections


(Silver Nitrate 0.2%)


Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd


20g In Tube

Pharmaceutical Form



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