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Some men are too fond of engaging in sexual activity but fail at it due to erectile dysfunction. If it has happened to you already and you want to get back on track, Avanair 200 mg can help. It is the most powerful and effective impotence medicine you’ll ever come across. This FDA-approved ED medicine contains Avanafil and finds itself among the top sex drive boosters for men. In case you are already using any sexual enhancers and they’re failing to impress; this male enhancer will never disappoint.

How to use Avanair 200?

First things first, Avanair 200mg price is a prescription drug and should be purchased upon consultation with a qualified medical care provider. A prescription is the least you need to buy Avanair 200 mg in Australia, USA, UK & Canada.

Avanair 200mg Review is for oral use and enhances sex drives in men without any major side effects. It is a generic Avanafil tablet that helps in improving the quality of erections in no time of consumption. Thus, men can gain stronger erections and last up to 5 hours.

  • Treatment of impotence in men (known by the softness of erections continuously for a few weeks)
  • Poor sex drive in males (characterized by decreased sexual performance due to any reasons)

Is Avanair 200 mg better than Cenforce 200?

Avanair 200mg online tablets and Cenforce 200mg can be called substitutes with one thing in common. Their active contents are both PDE-5 inhibitor drugs and present in 200mg composition in both of them. However, the former contains Avanafil while the latter contains Sildenafil. So, there is a possibility of them being prescribed in distinct scenarios. Being FDA-approved ED medicines, they are available in generic versions and so can be manufactured by licensed pharmaceuticals. They’ll vary in pricing and availability too.

Avanair 200 mg Side Effects

The common side effects of this medication include nominal symptoms like headache, dry mouth, nausea, weakness, stomach pain, diarrhoea, vomiting, etc. Some report blurred vision, ringing in ears, tiredness, and pain in the arms and limbs too.

However, these side effects are considered nominal and short-lived. They may not require medical help either. So, ignore them and they’ll subside within a few days only. But, call your healthcare provider for help if adverse reactions like chest pain, irregular heartbeat, bloody urine, painful erections, priapism, etc appear.

How do you take a missed dose?

The missed dose can be taken as soon as remembered. But, avoid taking skipped doses while you’re about to consume your next dosage soon.

Storage Instructions

  • No special storage direction is required, just keep it below 30 Degrees Celsius.
  • This medicine quality is disrupted when exposed to moisture and sunlight. So, place it in a cool and dry place only.
  • Avanair 200 mg tablets are unsafe for children. Hence, store it out of their access.

Where to buy Avanair 200 mg in Australia?

Buy Avanair 200 mg in Australia, USA, UK & Canada from online pharmacies, just as most people like to do at these locations. People are shy of asking for these medicines at the drug store and so prefer buying them online. However, it is equally challenging to find a reliable vendor like medsvilla.com to start with. So, don’t waste your time and take it as your call to buy guaranteed quality & all FDA-approved ED medicines besides this one. In addition, our flexible return and refund policy will amaze you too.


Q. Why men are prescribed Avanair 200mg tablets?

A. Avanair 200 mg pills are prescribed to men diagnosed with erectile dysfunction and poor libido. It is a natural sex drive booster that works by stimulating blood flow in the genitals, promotes stronger erections & lasts the sex drive longer than usual.

Q. Does Avanair 200 mg work for boosting sex drive after prostate surgery?

A. Yes, it is a proven effective remedy for boosting sex drive in men who have undergone prostate surgery or prostatectomy.

Q. Can I buy Avanair 200 mg to enhance my sex drive without a prescription?

A. Even though some sites encourage purchase without a prescription, you’ll have to produce one at Medsvilla.com for legal purchase. It is for your safety purposes only. If you buy without a prescription, you’ll never know if it is for you or if a better alternative will suit you. We thus recommend purchasing with a prescription.

Q. How long to wait to get erections after using Avanair 200?

A. It can take up to 15 or 30 minutes for regular users to attain desired hardness while first-timers may experience onset within 40 minutes of usage. This medicine tends to activate faster when consumed without meals.

Is Avanair 200 mg habit-forming?

No, this impotence medicine is not at all habit-forming because its only active ingredient is Avanafil and it is a PDE-5 inhibitor. Such classes of drugs aim at boosting sex drive naturally and don’t cause drug abuse.

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Super Avana , Avaforce

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Erectile Dysfunction


Cipla Limited


4 Tablets in Strip

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40 Tablets, 60 Tablets, 80 Tablets


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