Clocip Dusting Powder (Clotrimazole)


Always use Clocip Dusting Powder medicine exactly as told by your doctor. Before applying the powder, your feet should be washed and dried thoroughly.

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This is a broad spectrum antifungal medicine used to treat skin infections such as athlete’s foot, jock itch and ringworm. It also relieves symptoms such as burning, itching, cracking of the skin and discomfort caused by these infections.

What is clocip dusting powder?

This is a popular medication when it comes to the treatment of fungal infections of the skin. Some conditions where the medicine is used include athlete’s foot, ringworm and jock itch. Apart from treating the infection, Clocip Dusting Powder also reduces the symptoms of such skin infections, such as burning, itching and cracking of the skin.

How does clocip dusting powder work?

This Powder is an antifungal medication which treats skin infections. It works by killing the fungi on the skin by destroying their cell membrane.

What is route of administration?

Always use this medicine exactly as told by your doctor. Before applying the powder, your feet should be washed and dried thoroughly. That should be sprinkled onto the affected areas two or three times daily

It may also be dusted inside your socks and shoes. This is for external use only do not put the powder in your mouth or swallow it.If you accidentally get powder in your eyes or mouth, wash immediately with water and contact your doctor.

Side effects of clocip dusting powder

  • Dizziness
  • Fainting
  • Feeling of discomfort
  • Skin blister
  • Skin itching
  • Skin redness
  • Swelling of the lips, throat, face, or tongue
  • Weakness
  • Irritation
  • Pain on the affected area
  • Removal of dead skin cells (exfoliation)
  • High blood pressure shortness of breath
  • Swallowing problems

Drug to drug interaction

Erythromycin for bacterial infections

Astemizole for allergies

Cisapride for heartburn

Medicines to thin your blood (e.g. warfarin)

Rifabutin or rifampicin (for tuberculosis) or other anti-fungal medicines (including ketoconazole)

Medicines to reduce cholesterol (e.g. statins)

Medicines for high blood pressure, water tablets (diuretics) or for heart problems

Amiodarone (used for rhythm disorders)

Amphotericin B is the only medicine that is known to interact with clotrimazole. Avoid, the latter medication, if you are already consuming the former medication.

While tacking clocip dusting powder


Your doctor has prescribed Clocip Dusting Powder to cure your infection and improve    symptoms.

Do not skip any doses and finish the full course of treatment even if you feel better.

Do not use more than the prescribed dosage.

Do not use Clocip Dusting Powder on advice of a friend or family. Similarly, do not give it to someone you feel has the same symptoms.


Pregnancy = The topical forms of this medicine are relatively safe for use until the first trimester of pregnancy. However, they should be used only if clearly needed and only under the supervision of your doctor.

Breast-feeding = Clocip Dusting Powder is not recommended for use in breastfeeding women unless absolutely necessary.

Opthalmic use = Clocip Dusting Powder is not recommended for use in the eyes. Both purposeful and accidental application of this medicine into the eyes should be avoided.

Use only in confirmed infection = Clocip Dusting Powder should not be used until the infection is diagnosed by a doctor. Other diseases may also show similar symptoms.

Vaginal irritation = Clocip Dusting Powder may cause burning and irritation upon vaginal application. Consult your doctor if the symptoms do not improve and the irritation persists.

Resistance = Clocip Dusting Powder should be used for the full prescribed course even when the symptoms get better. The infection may recur and the fungi may get less sensitive to the medicine resulting in drug resistance if it is not used for the full prescribed course.

Clocip Dusting Powder is used in the treatment of fungal skin infections. Uses of clocip dusting powder


Equivalent Brand

Jock Itch Powder

Generic Name



Fungal Infection


Clotrimazole (1% w/w)


Cipla Limited


75 gm in 1 bottle

Pharmaceutical Form



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