Ketasma 1 mg (Ketotifen)


Ketasma 1 mg (Ketotifen)  is used to treat allergic rhinitis (running nose), allergic conjunctivitis (irritation and redness in the membrane covering the eye), red itchy eyes due to allergies like hay fever  and to minimize the frequency and severity of asthma attacks.
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What is Ketasma 1 mg?

Ketasma 1 mg pill is a family member of anti-allergic or anti-histamine medicines.

Also, this drug primarily cures a broad assortment of allergies.

Besides, the medication has the best use in healing the signs of asthma by cutting down inflammation in your lungs.

Moreover, Ketasma 1 mg pill forms a remedy utilized to manage signs that follow allergic rhinitis.

Plus, such signs take in red, itchy eyes, watery eyes, sneezing, runny itchy nose, nasal congestion, etc.

Additionally, Ketasma 1mg is useful for treating bronchial asthma, asthma attacks, and particularly, mild atopic asthma among kids.

Furthermore, Ketasma 1 mg cannot be a prescription for patients who are below three years old.

What Are The Uses Of Ketasma 1 mg?

Buy Ketasma 1 mg pill is for oral administration chiefly as prophylaxis for your bronchial asthma.

Plus, in common with other asthma remedies, especially, in kids having mild atopic, to avert asthma attacks.

However, this medication cannot allay the signs of an asthma attack.

Additionally, the pills of Ketasma 1 mg Online are good at curing allergic reactions.

Furthermore, such reactions consist of allergic rhinitis.

Besides, this is the inflammation of the mucous membrane inside your nose.

This drug also treats conjunctivitis which forms the inflammation of the mucous membranes inside your eye.

Moreover, Ketasma 1 mg, calms signs like red, itchy eyes, watery eyes, sneezing, runny itchy nose, nasal congestion, etc.

How Does Ketasma 1 mg Work?

Your body produces histamine naturally which is responsible for triggering allergic reactions.

Also, the pills of Ketasma 1mg enclose Ketotifen which acts by jamming the effects of histamines.

Therefore, it offers a user respite from allergic reactions.

How to Take Ketasma 1 mg?

Ketasma 1mg Review pill requires consumption in line with your physician’s advice.

Plus, you gulp down the moiety with fresh water and do not grate, break, split, chew, or crush the tablet.

Additionally, a user can consume the pill without diet or alongside food.

Furthermore, to gain optimal effects of the tablet, you need to ingest it at a set time each day.

Also, a patient can use two pills in a day.

However, your doctor’s prescription is the best advice for the dosage and duration of the pill dose.

Dosage Of Ketasma 1 mg

The dosage of Ketasma is 1mg pill.

Also, a patient can swallow the pill wholly with fresh water each day along with diet.

Besides, the dosage suggestion you use and the duration of the therapy shall rely on the issue that is under treatment.

However, your physician’s recommendations determine dosage.

Moreover, this is the top prescription not to use higher than 8mg within a day.

Plus, a user will observe improvement in his/her condition in 4-6 weeks.


Sometimes a patient consumes a medication in excess quantity by accident. Then the patient must immediately contact his/her physician.

Plus, the signs of overuse of the drug are harsh and dangerous.

Additionally, these include low blood pressure, fast heart rate, change in mental state, confusion, fits, and drowsiness.

Moreover, after excessive intake of Ketasma 1 mg, quick medical care is unavoidable.

Missed Dose

Perchance a patient does not eat a regular dose of the pill and misses the dosage by chance.

Then he/she can consume Ketasma 1 mg anytime they remember.

But, in case the time for the daily programmed dose is coming close, avoid eating a skipped pill.

Hence, eat the regularly scheduled tablet instead.

However, the use of multiple doses to catch up with missed pills is not advisable.


Then do not consume Ketasma 1 mg. Moreover, you tell the doctor in case you observe any allergic reaction when you eat the pills of Ketasma 1mg.

Plus, possibly a user does not observe any improvement in her/ his problems while using this pill or conditions worsen.

Then contact the physician quickly.

Additionally, probably you are trying to become pregnant, or you are pregnant, or a nursing woman.

Then give up this drug.

Furthermore, a patient cannot self-medicate.

Therefore, do not renounce the intake of Ketasma 1 mg without discussing it with your GP.

Side effects

  • fever,
  • weight gain,
  • drowsiness,
  • diarrhea,
  • vomiting,
  • headache,
  • nausea,
  • bladder infection,
  • dry mouth.
  • excitation,
  • punctuate keratitis,
  • eye irritation,
  • nervousness,
  • irritability,
  • skin rash,
  • sleep disturbance,
  • skin itching occurs.

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